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Symbol Decription Model Code Pressure Flow Cavity

Proportional solenoid valve 2 way, normally closed E-SP08-20 250 bar 20 L VC08-2
E-SP10-20 250 bar 60 L VC10-2
E-SP12-20 250 bar 100 L VC12-2
Solenoid proportional valve 2 port, 2 position E-SP08-21 207 bar 22.7 L VC08-2
Normally closed pressure compensated electro-proportional flow regulator valve cartridge  E-PV70-30 240 bar 30 L VC10-3
E-PV72-30 240 bar 55 L VC12-3
Pressure relieving proportional valve, direct-acting, poppet type E-TS08-20 34.5 bar 3.8 L VC08-2
E-TS38-20 240 bar 11.4 L VC08-2
Solenoid operated spool type relief valve proportional E-TS10-26 240 bar 80L VC10-2
Pressure relieving proportinal cartridge valve E-TS08-27 240 bar 19 L VC08-2
E-TS10-27 240 bar 75.7 L VC10-2
Pressure reducing/relieving proportional valve E-TS10-36 240 bar 56.8 L VC10-3
Proportional pressure reducing/relieving cartridge valve E-EHPR08-33 207 bar 4 L VC08-3
Note: for any other proportional valves that not shown above, please email us at [email protected]