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I am Kevin Wang, founder of AAK industrial hydraulic valve. After graduating from university in 1998, I went to Ningbo, where I was engaged in the purchasing of food and clothing products in a Taiwan company, from an ordinary purchasing to a vice president of the company. Eight years later, I gave up that work and just wanted to do something more challenging and more value-added, then AAK industrial hydraulic valve was founded.


Entering the industrial products industry for more than 10 years, the process has been bitter, but I have also gained the happiness of "doing what others can't do" and "doing what others don't want to do". Although the difficult road is hard to walk, it is never crowded. Ordinary people see a watch, but I want to see hundreds of parts behind the watch; ordinary people see a cooperation, but I want to see the profit distribution and risk control behind it; ordinary people see a team, and I want to see the complicated responsibilities and rights in the team. Looking at the essence through the appearance, it has always been a challenge for me to work in industrial products.


In the hydraulic valve industry, we can see that many people who make quick money always try to cut corners, which makes many customers lose money. We also see the inferior hydraulic valves, which make many customers fail the users and lose the market. What's more, we can see the earnest expectation of the customers for the genuine valves. I have always warned myself that being a manufacturer of hydraulic valves, you have to live up to your customers and make money for them.


My idea sometimes runs counter to my peers. People talk about the price first and then the quality, but I insist on talking about the quality first and then the price; people choose the steel that is easy to process, but I choose the steel supplier with stable performance; when the hydraulic valves are assembled, they put them into the box, and I have to test the pressure after the assembly, and then disassemble, clean and reassemble again. In those years, I have been running for the survival of the company, but I absolutely have no regrets, because I firmly believe that on the road of hydraulic valve, there must be someone waiting for me.


Today, several Fortune 500 companies have purchased my hydraulic valves. They save time and effort. HydraForce has listed us as the exclusive supplier of cartridge hydraulic valves. Along the way, I don't know how to publicize myself, but I always insist on the bottom line of genuine hydraulic valve.


Since its foundation 10 years ago, AAK industrial hydraulic valve resolutely do not do one-off business, we got very good customers of 100% high-quality. Once they used AAK hydraulic valves, they nearly do not change suppliers any more. Many old customers continue to introduce new customers to us. AAK has no quality returns for eight consecutive years. I hope the customers who purchase AAK hydraulic valve will not only not step on the pit, but also spend the same money to buy the hydraulic valve with better quality, service life and mirror effect. I know in my heart that customers choose AAK hydraulic valve among many suppliers, which is definitely their trust in me.


In order to provide customers with more stable quality of hydraulic valves, we use Swiss high-precision processing equipment, which should be no more advanced hydraulic valve production equipment at present. The core materials are imported from Korea and Germany, and with our own proprietary technology, we harden the surface of steel such as high-frequency quenching and tempering.


I know that no matter how successful the product is, I will never forget the story that Japan's small factory became the first in the world. No matter at what time, the quality must not be relaxed. On the basis of the inspection standards required by the industry, eight additional tests were carried out to eliminate the potential quality hazards in the manufacturing process. Over the years, due to the insistence of everyone in AAK, the quality of our hydraulic valves is getting better and better. We can be proud to say that the quality of AAK hydraulic valves is so good that there is no need for after-sales service.


I believe that one person only revolves around one thing, and the world may turn around you in the end. AAK hydraulic valve will only do one thing, and only this one thing in its life.

- Kevin Wang -