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AAK understanding about Hydraulic Manifold quality is defined from 3 perspectives

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Update time : 2023-01-08 12:04:42

The situation of the economic environment at home and abroad, the lack of market confidence, and the willingness of people to consume, is very low. In fact, the more at this time, the more we need to polish our product quality. As a hydraulic manifold manufacturer, AAK adheres to the principle of "quality is 1". With the leadership of "1", the following matters will be meaningful. Even if a zero is added, it will be 10 times more effective. We look at the quality of our hydraulic manifolds from 3 perspectives.


AAK hydraulic manifold is not a large enterprise. As a representative of small and medium-sized enterprises, AAK aims to target the top 500 global enterprises, global famous enterprises and listed companies to do hydraulic manifolds. Get a big order from a first-line brand, do things with a sense of integrity and mindfulness. With this manufacturing quality 1, following with marketing, sales, these 0's will be useful.


1. Manufacturing quality of hydraulic manifolds

We won't talk about the quality of AAK's service first. The customer will have a say in whether the service is good or not. If the manufacturing quality of hydraulic manifold is good, I have the most say. What is related to the manufacturing quality of hydraulic manifolds? AAK thinks it from 5 aspects:  


1) The first is related to raw materials. Can I use A+ steel to replace A materials used by peers? For each trial order of AAK hydraulic manifolds, we first consider the material options. To compare what materials are used for hydraulic manifolds of domestic peers, and what materials are used for hydraulic manifolds of international first-line brands? Can AAK use A+ steel to replace material A used by its peers?


2) It is related to the advanced level of technology. The quality of the yarn produced by the same batch of cotton from the same place of origin in different textile mills is different. Why? The process is different. It is the same for hydraulic manifolds, different manufacturers, even if they are all produced with the same materials and equipment, will distinguish between different processes and quality. AAK is good at simplifying the hydraulic manifold oil circuit, and uses targeted process matching to reduce energy consumption.


3) It is related with equipment. Hydraulic manifold equipment is produced in Switzerland, Germany, America, Taiwan and China. The equipment is different, and the manufacturing quality is also different. AAK pays attention to the accuracy of the equipment, and is good at grafting personalized fixtures to ensure efficiency and stability.


4) It is related to processing technology. For example, for the processing of some special valve holes, AAK abandoned the conventional processing technology and adopted customized processing.


5) It is related to quality Control. In the whole production line, from material selection to each process, there are standards and quality inspection.


The manufacturing quality of AAK hydraulic manifolds focus on these 5 points. The manufacturing quality of hydraulic manifolds lies in slow and solid efforts of intelligent people. There is no shortcut to this road. There is no safe haven. Without manufacturing quality 1 takes the lead in the front, all 0’s added later will eventually return to zero. Just like life, whether you can stand on the waves and whether you can hold on the bottom of the waves.


2. Parameter performance of hydraulic manifolds

AAK hydraulic manifold has stable performance, basically no failure, long service life and low energy consumption. These are the benefits AAK brings to customers.


The hydraulic cartridge valves are the core components of hydraulic manifolds, and AAK hydraulic cartridge valves are targeted at SUN, HydraForce and HAWE. We often dissect their new models, learn design, refine elements, analyze process, optimize technology, and gradually form a complete AAK hydraulic manifold system from the original design, processing drawings, material selection, material heat treatment, process sheet, processing technology, assembly, and testing.


For Hydraulic manifold design, we have a complete process. From hole checking, wire network connection, hole network to component selection, oil circuit volume and assembly, all are linked to each other. AAK hydraulic manifold occupies less space, has less pressure loss, less leakage and less vibration.


3. The innovation of hydraulic manifold function

In terms of personalized customization of hydraulic manifolds, it is not difficult to combine, vary and graft some hydraulic unit structures to create something new.


For example, the four-way AAK hydraulic manifold control system is composed of pilot control valve group, 4 two-way cartridge valve control components, manifold blocks and connectors. It has 4 main channels, several pilot control channels, and 2 external mounting surfaces, which greatly reduces component selection and adds the function of flow regeneration. This is technical work.


AAK hydraulic manifold oil circuit is designed into a network structure. The oil return is not only uniform, but also multi way oil return, which reduces the plugging holes in the oil circuit, simplifies the hydraulic manifold hole circuit, improves the oil flow capacity, and reduces energy consumption. AAK hydraulic manifold reduces pipeline connections and joints, reduces system complexity, and reduces energy consumption. It features compact structure, convenient installation, less maintenance, less leakage and small vibration.


AAK is Honeywell's hydraulic manifold supplier for 6 consecutive years. What are the advantages of purchasing hydraulic manifolds from AAK? In the words of Honeywell's purchasing director, it is 3 savings: time saving, cost saving and link saving.


1) Shorten the whole procurement process: plugs, connectors and manifold blocks can be produced in AAK. Procurement and tracking from multiple factories have become a one-stop process at AAK.


2) The installation process is simplified: AAK hydraulic units or manifolds can be directly installed into the equipment, and customers do not need to test the manifolds separately.


3) Undertake design services: from the hydraulic principle, oil circuit design, hydraulic cartridge valve selection, AAK can do 100% personalized customization.

AAK hydraulic manifold defines quality from 3 aspects. Focus on quality 1 and bring benefits to customers.

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