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Why us


9 Reasons 
To Choose AAK


(1) 6 first-line international brand enterprises import from AAK, because ease in heart.
(2) Small MOQ, high precision, urgent delivery Hydraulic Valves, exported from AAK, because of our upright heart.
(3) More than 80% of re-buy rate. 20% of our new customers come from the introduction of the old customers, or come to visit us on their own, because assured heart.
(4) Equipped with Swiss imported machine tools, core materials are 100% imported, and capable of making various hydraulic valves with high precision and high stability. Our peers in Ningbo are generally difficult to complete such orders.
(5) Can produce the high-precision hydraulic valve used in "aircraft", most of our peers can’t think about it, or can’t do it.
(6) At present, AAK has 6 domestic design patents, 4 proprietary processing technologies and processes, and 80% of our peers can only make conventional products.
(7) Our Technicians have been on duty for more than 8 years, and their proficiency is like a ruler. Most of our peers are about 3 years' operators.
(8) In pre-sale, sale and after-sale, AAK give reply in 2 hours, offer solutions in 48 hours, and solve problems in 72 hours. Our peers dare to think and dare not to do it.
(9) The quality warranty is 3 years. Most of our peers dare not think about it, let alone do it.


In Ningbo, the design, production, service and quality, AAK can rank TOP 6.
Our customers earn more than 70% than their competitors.