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AAK Hydraulic Manifold, adhere to the 3-dimensional mental model, and serve 3 major types of customers

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Update time : 2023-01-23 14:45:29

A report said that the average life span of Chinese enterprises is less than 3 years, and the life span of large enterprises is rarely more than 35 years. One third of the world's top 500 enterprises have disappeared. AAK Hydraulic Manifold is 9 years old, and I have been in awe of his premature death, so I walk on thin ice every day, constantly cultivate myself and build team. Most failed enterprises have their own problems, but their basic problem may be poor learning ability. This is also what I learned from Peter Shengji's "The Fifth Cultivation" recently.


1. Cultivate the mental model of the founder of the enterprise.


1Identify leaps of abstraction: pay attention to how your mind jumps from observation to general conclusion.

2Practice the left-hand column: write down the words that your heart usually won't say.

3Balancing inquiry and defense: the technique of openly discussing problems with each other;

4Face up to the difference between what we say and what we do.


These 4 skills are not easy for me to grasp at present, but I have already put them into practice, and I believe they will be fruitful.


2. Use the mental model to influence the team and build a learning team.


Whether the above 4 skills are suitable for you or not, it is important for enterprises to find their own ways to change the mental model of managers and discuss problems openly. The learning of manufacturing enterprises may only be internal and external.


AAK Hydraulic Manifold, team's internal learning, analysis and face up to our shortcomings and strive to correct them. Many business owners are admonishing: do as I say, not as I do! In fact, the boss's behavior will imperceptibly affect everyone around him. AAK Hydraulic Manifold requires the front-line staff of the workshop to do it according to the process, operation SOP, and benchmarking data, and insist on manufacturing quality. The management personnel are required to guide and supervise according to the process.


The internal benchmark of AAK Hydraulic Manifold includes the front-line workers in the workshop, managers, technicians and R&D departments. As long as they have successful behaviors, they will become a model for AAK hydraulic manifold team to learn.


AAK hydraulic manifold, external learning: focus on top brands, starting from imitation. 9 years ago, when we decided to upgrade our products and do hydraulic manifolds, our only expertise was the production of hydraulic cartridge valves, no any experience about the design of hydraulic manifolds, the selection of cartridge valves, the production of manifold blocks, and the assembly and testing of hydraulic manifolds. We spent a lot of money to buy SUN's hydraulic manifolds to imitate, and summarized the underlying logic from the hydraulic principle. We hired engineer who have worked in HAWE for more than 10 years. Take small steps and accumulate every day, until to serve 3 major types of customers, such as Honeywell the Fortune 500 company, Skyjack the listed company in Canada, and BL the military industry company in Israel.


The external benchmark of AAK hydraulic manifolds includes the hydraulic manifold manufacturers from the first-line brands, the Honeywell from the world's top 500, the customers of listed companies. These customers with the characteristics of exquisite requirements, urge AAK Hydraulic Manifold employees to keep learning, growing and making progress.


AAK Hydraulic Manifold, team learning, from inside to outside. An excellent team needs not only talented individuals, but also the atmosphere of learning. An atmosphere of mutual learning is formed within the enterprise. Employees appreciate and cooperate with each other, eliminate the gap between departments and the distance between superiors and subordinates, share information, and achieve effective communication.


3. Use the mental model flexibly, learn to give up, not try to prolong, learn to improve, that is, constantly surpass yourself.


For some products, enterprises will have to give up on a planned basis rather than try to prolong the life of products or businesses. Some hydraulic manifolds, including plated hydraulic valves. When AAK produced hydraulic valves 13 years ago, there was also a production line for plated valves, but after the production of hydraulic manifolds, AAK resolutely abandoned the plated valves, and focused on the hydraulic cartridge valves. The total quality management and lean production of Japanese manufacturing industry are aimed at their best products. The world invisible champion of German enterprises also focuses on the familiar part.


5 years ago, AAK Hydraulic Manifold hired workshop manager from the Japanese manufacturing industry to directly guide and lead the employees on the production site. We clearly saw the improvement of quality and efficiency, and clearly felt the effect of process improvement and capacity release. More importantly, the technicians were stimulated. Using knowledge flexibly can change our way of thinking. Practice with practical actions, find problems, solve problems, and strive for satisfactory results.


AAK Hydraulic Manifold is good at innovation, and can also face failure bravely, but it will always move forward in imbalance.


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