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The destiny that reading cannot change, how can AAK Hydraulic Valve be lifted from books?

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Update time : 2022-11-13 22:45:19

Reading can not change the fate, the books you have read, and others have also read. If you want to change your destiny, you must read more books. It seems a bit conflicting. In fact, this is the same with borrowing money. For example, you can't borrow money from a friend, but if you have no money, you can only borrow from a friend. The core is how you do it and the friend is willing to lend you money. If you want to change your destiny, you must turn the books you have read into an operational knowledge system. For example, AAK hydraulic valve has its own marketing, promotion and sales system. For the same, each seller has a different operating system.


Today let me insist on "being myself", tomorrow let me "adapt to the society", today encourage me to "go out of my comfort zone", and tomorrow let me "accept myself". Who should I listen to? Various schools are complicated, and different schools even contradict each other. When you open this door, you think there is a broad road, but there is only a lot of fragmented and unsystematic knowledge. It is difficult to judge whether you have missed advice or been misled by someone. This is exactly what AAK hydraulic valve always insists on doing and brings certainty. It forms a set of AAK inherent system for hydraulic cartridge valves from the overall situation to help everyone who wants to know about hydraulic cartridge valves.


Let's start from books. If your work is related to hydraulic cartridge valves and you want to read as much as AAK to improve yourself, maybe your work ideas are confused by books? (Suppose you have read or are reading these 9 books, and these 9 books are on your desk.)

On Monday, you feel fresh and happy. When you arrive at the office at 7 o'clock in the morning and think of the "TWO AWESOME HOURS", you quickly concentrate on your work. After 2 hours, you feel that your efficiency has slowed down. Although helpless, you can forgive yourself. At 9 o'clock, your colleagues also came. You felt that a new week and a new day were coming. You thought of "THE ONE THING”, and forced yourself to focus on one thing today. But you found that today is not the case. There must be more than one thing to do every day. What should we do?

On Tuesday, a new hydraulic cartridge valve will be released for online marketing promotion. Of course, "POSITIONING" is required. You start to think about positioning, but the cold hydraulic cartridge valve can't do mental positioning. You are a little confused. What should you do? To promote the hydraulic cartridge valves on the Internet, there must be a "WRITE YOUR BRAND LIT", but it is really not easy to write a good advertising. You are in a bit of pain. What should we do?

On Wednesday, continue to ponder over the copywriting. Whether it is good or not, the advertising copywriting can only be “IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE”. What can I do to make customers think of my hydraulic cartridge valves first? Your mind is blank. What should we do?

On Thursday, you are asking yourself, why should customers remember me? It is necessary to rely on the "CONNECTOME”. Out of curiosity, you study the neurons and synapses in the brain. Without research, you can still think with common sense. When you read it, it is more chaotic now. What should we do?

On Friday, you have been struggling for 2 days. Weekend is coming, you want to lie down. Forget it, don't bother, or consider how to make the communication more effective. You start to read “DON’T THINK OF AN ELEPHANT”. You think it is too difficult to control the customer's brain, so what should we do?

On Saturday, you continued to work overtime and lost mind while drinking coffee. Considering trust, the essence of business trust, how can we make “THE SPEED OF TRUST”? How can we make trust online in the short term? At this time, although the surroundings are relatively clean, you are still suffering. What should we do?

On Sunday, you browsed the emails, and the customer came to inquire about the new hydraulic cartridge valve. How can you achieve the "POWER NEGOTIATING”? It seems that the content in the book is complete, so the transaction rate is too low. It's too painful to lose orders when there are inquiries. What should we do?


Well, after a week, it almost broke down. Thoughts, like a mess. Even with high education, no matter how many books you read, it is difficult to succeed. How to solve it?


In early years, it was very popular to say that pigs can fly at the tuyere. However, only one of the pigs standing on the tuyere flew up, and all the others fell to death. Pigs have no experience and ability to control the wind. All the eagles standing on the air vent flew up, and none of them would fall to death. The eagle grew up fighting in the wind and waves. I have only one choice. I can learn the fighting skills of eagles in the wind, and then wait for the wind to come. If you want to learn from pigs, there is only one result: fall to death.


There is competition in any industry. For example, there are more than 200 hydraulic valve manufacturers in Ningbo, too much involution. In my opinion, competition is not the number of competitors. No matter how many, you must be the top 1%. As long as it is Top 1%, there will be a choice. AAK hydraulic valve, with the manufacturing quality reaching Top 1% in the hydraulic cartridge valve industry; AAK sells hydraulic cartridge valves online, and its marketing and promotion also reach Top 1%. With these two top 1%, even if it is 2000 or 20000, what are you worried about?


Being engaged in the manufacturing of hydraulic valves, the inner strength and stability are the sense of balance found in the repeated progress;

Being engaged in the manufacturing of hydraulic valves, the perfect self-control of emotions is the sense of control felt in the constant game;

Being engaged in the technology of hydraulic valves, the peace and stability is a sense of security experienced after the stormy seas.


In life, why do you still have a bad life even though you know so many reasons? Because we have made a huge mistake, that is, we mistook "knowing" for "understanding" or "perception". Take the simplest principle of "learning hard" as an example. Everyone knows this principle, but why does not everyone implement it? In fact, many people only knew it at the beginning. Only after being beaten by the society can we know the suffering of no culture. They saw that their classmates had already earned millions of dollars a year and lived the life they wanted, but they were unable to do so because of their ability. The interweaving of multiple tastes will inevitably make people have the feeling of " A book is known in time of need ". It's easy to know the truth. You should internalize it into your own bones to live a good life.


Reading, a paragraph of text, a story, a plot, is to invite others into the world they set up. After reading, your thinking, your refining and your views are to put your own ideas into the world of others. Both content types are one-way interactive processes. But after interaction, we must be inspired and do 4 actions:


1. I have a question.

2. I came across a new information in other fields.

3. This new information gives me a new answer to my old question.

4. This new answer can also be expanded into a new idea and can be used more widely.


Only when 4 actions occur at the same time can it be called an inspiration. "Stories" and "views" both point to others, and only "inspiration" points to our own growth.


AAK Hydraulic Valve, walk together and inspire together!


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