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FD-10 Flow Diverter Valves

Item No.: FD-10
Diverter valve, also known as speed synchronization valve, is the general name of diverter valve, collecting valve, one-way diverter valve, one-way collecting valve and proportional diverter valve in hydraulic valve.

FD-10 Flow Diverter Valves
Max working Pressure: 240bar
Flow Max:                     See Performance Chart
Filtration of Oil:             25 μm or better
Temperature:                -30 ~ +100℃
Cavity:                          10-4
Installation Torque:       34~37Nm

In the dividing mode, the valve will divert input flow from port ③ to ports ② and ④, based on the ratio specified, regardless of operating pressure. When the flow direction is reversed the valve will combine flows from ② and ④ to ③ port. 

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