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CV10-00 Check Valve

Item No.: CV10-00
Check valves are the simplest form of hydraulic devices in that they permit free oil flow in one direction and block oil flow in the opposite direction. Check valves may also be used as a directional or pressure control in a hydraulic system.

CV10-00 Check Valve

Pressure:                 350bar
Rated Flow:             See Performance Chart
Internal Leakage:    3drops/min/207bar
Filtration of Oil:        25Microns        
Temperature:           -30℃ ~ +120℃
Fluids:                     Mineral-based fluids
Cavity:                     VC10-2(T5-1), see 14.1

Pressure at ① overcomes the spring-bias poppet and allows free flow ① to ②.
Flow in opposite direction, from ② to ①, is blocked by the poppet.

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