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E-CKCB Hydraulic Pilot-to-open Check Valve with Standard Pilot

Item No.: E-CKCB
This valve is a pilot to open check valve. It has a non-sealed pilot, a steel seat, and is non-vented. SUN CKCB equivalent.

E-CKCB Hydraulic Pilot-to-open Check Valve with Standard Pilot



The valve has a non-sealed pilot. Pressure at overcomers the spring-bias poppet and allows free flow to ; Flow in the opposite direction from to is blocked by the poppet.

The cartridge has a 3:1 pilot ratio, meaning that is required at pilot to open the valve. 



Max. Operating Pressure: 350 bar (5000 psi) 

Flow: see performance chart

Internal Leakage: 1drops/min max. at 350bar (5000 psi) 

Pilot Ratio: 3:1

Temperature: - 30°C to 100°C (with Standard Buna N seals)

Filtration: 25μm or better

Cavity: SUN T-11A

Installation Torque: 45-50Nm






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