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The pressure spring of hydraulic valve was assembled after 3 times of selecting, and AAK became the exclusive supplier of a Russian customer

The pressure spring used in AAK hydraulic valve is selected for 3 times, and then assembled into goods only after complete matching, which completely avoids the pressure shortage of the hydraulic system. At present, not many manufacturers control the quality accordingly to this standard, thus they encounter lots of quality complaints in this respect.
Many hydraulic valve manufacturers also use piano steel wire to make pressure spring, but the price of piano steel wire is high, and the processing technology is relatively difficult. In the production process of compression spring, if there is bending or the compression spring is too short, it will cause poor sealing performance of the joint between valve core (poppet valve) and valve seat. If the contact surface is too wide, impurities are easy to enter the valve body. This will increase the wear of valve core and valve seat, resulting in insufficient pressure in the hydraulic system.
A Russian customer who has worked with us for many years asked why there is big quality difference between AAK Hydraulic valve and some manufacturers. After using for a period of time, nearly 10% of their hydraulic valves have the problem that the system pressure can not go up. It was thought that it was an assembly error, but still could not be solved after many times of debugging.
The customer sent us several qualified samples and also several samples with problem. After testing the pressure spring, the spring size in the unqualified samples varies, some parts are slightly bent. However, the spring size of the qualified hydraulic valves is normal. In the feedback report, we told the customer that the same batch of springs must be screened for 3 times to eliminate some defective pieces. If the manufacturer reduces cost, or the skill of producing piano steel wire spring is insufficient, then the spring will have problem and the hydraulic valve system pressure can not raise high in the process of use. After knowing all the information, the customer had a careful deliberation, and informed us 3 days later that they decided to list AAK hydraulic valve as their exclusive supplier.
AAK hydraulic valve has the piano steel wire pressure spring screened at least 3 times, first in the production process, then in the assembly process, and finally in the test bench to ensure that the hydraulic system pressure debugging is normal during the operation of the hydraulic valve.
AAK is extremely picky about the quality of hydraulic valves, not finding words to exaggerate it, we feel that is the case.