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RV-08 Direct Operated Relief Valves

Item No.: RV-08
A direct acting relief valve is the most basic of the pressure controls, consisting of only one poppet and one spring. It is used to limit maximum system pressure.

RV-08 Direct Operated Relief Valves

Max working Pressure:    250bar
Flow Max:                        See Performance Chart
Internal Leakage:             ≤10cc/min/250bar
Filtration of Oil:                25μm or better        
Temperature:                   -30℃ ~ +110℃
Cavity:                             08-2, see page205
Installation Torque:          25-28Nm

The valve prevents flow from ① to ② until the set crack pressure at ① is achieved. The poppet then unseats allowing flow from ① to ② protecting the circuit from over pressurization. 

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