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PC-04 Hydraulic Operated Check Valves (Poppet-type)

Item No.: PC-04
Pilot operated check valves work by allowing free flow from the inlet port through the outlet port. ... When the air flow stops, the poppet check the trapped air. When the valve is piloted, the trapped air is allowed to flow back out of the control valve.
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PC-04 Hydraulic Operated Check Valves (Poppet-type)

Max working Pressure:       250bar
Flow Max:                           See Performance Chart
Internal Leakage:                3drops/min/250bar
Pilot Ratio:                          2.8 : 1
Filtration of Oil:                   25μm or better        
Temperature:                      -30℃ ~ +110℃
Cavity:                                04-3, see page211
Installation Torque:             20-23Nm

Pressure at ② overcomes the spring-bias poppet and allows free flow to ③. Flow in the opposite direction, from ③ to ②, is blocked by the poppet. When the required pilot pressure is achieved at ①, the poppet unseats and allows flow between ③ and ②. The pilot piston area to poppet seat area ratio is 2.8 to 1.

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