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AAK35 High precision hydraulic valve used in Aircraft

Item No.: AAK35
5 samples and 4 times to improve accuracy, AAK Hydraulic valve is used in aircraft
Working hard for 2 years, we have changed materials for 4 times, proofed for 5 times, and finally passed the accuracy approval, helping Russian customer win orders for hydraulic valves used in aircraft. AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has won the order of hydraulic valve used in aircraft, which makes us stand out from many domestic hydraulic valve suppliers and becomes the exclusive supplier of hydraulic valve for Russian customer in the field of aircraft.
At present, there is a very common phenomenon in the domestic hydraulic valve industry, "selling appearance", what is "selling appearance"? That is, customers place orders to a large enterprises, but the large enterprises process nearly 80% of the parts at small enterprises. The main reason is that small and medium-sized enterprises have low processing cost. They use domestic raw materials, ignore the differences in processing technology, resulting in uneven quality, and a lot of small problems: stuck valves, oil leakage, wear and tear, etc., which seriously affect the performance of products. Can this kind of hydraulic valves be used in aircraft?
2 years ago, I saw a salesman's quotation email to a Russian customer. When I saw the price, I felt that it was abnormal. After further checking the drawings and the requirements of the use scenarios, I learned that although the hydraulic valve product is small, the requirement for accuracy is the biggest challenge in our history. Customer asked us to proofing, nervous heart from that moment began. In the past 2 years, our company has been replacing the machine tools imported from Germany with higher accuracy, replacing the conventional machines with the test bench with more comprehensive test parameters, finally, by replacing the materials for 4 times and sending samples for 5 times, within 2 years, our company has successfully passed the parameter test of the hydraulic valve used by Russian customer in the aircraft, successfully meeting the customer requirements, and has become the exclusive supplier of this Russian customer for the hydraulic valves used in the aircraft field.
Since its establishment in 2012, AAK has always put technological innovation, high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment in the first place. In particular, we have two imported CNC lathes and more than 10 domestic CNC lathes, the accuracy of our hydraulic valves is over 30% higher than the peers, while 90% of the peers do not have the configuration of the production equipment.
There is no other reason why Russian customer finally chooses AAK as the exclusive supplier of hydraulic valves on airplanes. It is because that it can meet the accuracy requirements that other suppliers can't meet. We are willing to do things that others don't want to do, and we also try our best to do things that others can't do.
Hydraulic valves can be used in the aircraft, AAK technology should give you enough confidence!

AAK Hydraulic Valve (35) 2021-03-09
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