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AAK56 How long is the service life of hydraulic valve?

Item No.: AAK56
AAK hydraulic valve filtration accuracy reaches 10μm, it is over 2 times higher than peers, and service life is also 2 years longer

25μm is the conventional index that most domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers can achieve. AAK uses a high-precision filter, so that the filtering accuracy of hydraulic oil can reach 10μm. It's 2 times higher than the peers. For the hydraulic valve with high precision and higher requirements, nearly 90% of the hydraulic valve manufacturers can do nothing.
The filtration accuracy of hydraulic valve will seriously affect the service life of hydraulic valve. The larger the filtration accuracy is, the larger the size of the impurity particles of the hydraulic oil passing through the internal filter of the filter will be, which will increase the friction resistance of the valve spool and shorten the service life of the hydraulic valve. 90% of the hydraulic valve manufacturers use the most conventional filters with a filtration accuracy of 25μm, so the life of hydraulic valve becomes an uncertain problem.
Thomas is a purchaser of an Italian hydraulic valve company, and has been cooperating with us since 2019. The first hydraulic valve order he placed to us is still fresh in his memory. Every time when he chatted with us, he mentioned these interesting things. His customer needed a hydraulic valve with filtration accuracy of 10μM, he sent inquiries to over 10 hydraulic valve manufacturers, and communicated via emails over and over again in 3 days, and finally gained nothing.
Only when I received his email, I knew that one of our Italian hydraulic valve customers introduced us to him that maybe AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE can solve this problem. We told him that 3 years ago, a German customer had already purchased the hydraulic valve with 10μM filter precision, until now he has been ordering from AAK.
Thomas received our reply and asked us to proofing according to his design draft first. 15 days after sending the sample, Thomas called us to express his surprise and joy, and asked us to prepare the material. The first order for hydraulic valve will be sent to us in the next few days. Upon receipt of sample of hydraulic valve, he tested and compared the samples in half a month. The hydraulic parameters of AAK sample is significantly higher than those of other peers, especially the filtration accuracy is over 2 times higher than that of peers. His customer is very shocked and satisfied.
Thomas wanted to know how we achieved it. Thanks to the German customer a few years ago, after more than 2 months of debugging, we improved the process on the sample, adjusted the parameters of the equipment, configured a high-precision filter with AAK special hydraulic oil, then we can control the filtration accuracy of particles in the hydraulic oil up to 10μm. Under the same working conditions, if the hydraulic valve of the peers has a service life of 2 years, the service life of AAK hydraulic valve can be extended to 3-4 years.
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AAK Hydraulic Valve (56) 2021-07-01

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