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AAK54 precision of hydraulic valve inner hole within 1 μM

Item No.: AAK54
AAK is equipped with American honing machine to ensure the accuracy of inner hole of hydraulic valve comparable to Japan equipment factory.

Abe is a purchaser of a Japanese oil research hydraulic company. In the past we contacted him for several times via the exhibition in Shanghai, but because of his worry about the hydraulic accuracy, we have never had the opportunity to cooperate with him. In April this year, Abe had an order for hydraulic parts with a value of 130,000 US dollars. The inner hole accuracy of this part needs to reach +/- 1 μM error, but his current hydraulic valve manufacturer can not get the samples approved by his customer even after 4 proofing. His customer only give him the last chance to adjust the sample, if the sample still can not meet the parameter standard, order has to be cancelled. He realized that due to technological limitations, the original hydraulic valve manufacturer could not meet the customer's standard even if trying another 20 adjustments.
7 days later, no hydraulic valve manufacturer can ensure that the precision of the inner hole can be controlled within 1 μ M. With time passing by, the promised sample sending date is getting closer and closer, Abe is also more and more anxious. By chance, he saw AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE News and Events on the Internet. Based on previous contacts, he saw a glimmer of hope this time.
After receiving his email, we directly told him that we had just purchased a honing machine imported from the United States, there is no problem to control the inner hole of the hydraulic valve within the accuracy of 1μm. 2 weeks ago, a Spanish hydraulic valve customer had already been convinced. Half an hour later, Abe sent us the design draft of the hydraulic valve, and asked us to make a sample immediately very carefully according to the parameters of the hydraulic valve. We feel the importance he attaches to this sample. On the same day, we arranged the customized material and studied the design draft, and told him that the hydraulic valve sample can be sent in 7 days.
20 days after sending the sample of hydraulic valve, Abe signed this order contract with us. We were advised that after many parameter tests, the customer was very satisfied with the accuracy of our AAK hydraulic valves, it is within the acceptable error range, the gloss of the product surface was much better than that of the previous hydraulic valve manufacturers.
His customer is very satisfied that they can quickly complete this high-precision hydraulic valve, and told that the market sales must be very good. At the same time, it is promised that the future oil research hydraulic orders will be placed with AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE gradually.
Honing machine is a kind of grinding machine which has higher requirements on the accuracy of inner hole machining. It can guarantee the accuracy control of inner hole of hydraulic valve. At present, few hydraulic valves have such high accuracy requirements, so less than 5% of domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers will be equipped with American honing machine to produce hydraulic valves.
AAK hydraulic valve accuracy convinced the Japanese equipment manufacturers. You can also have a try. Email: [email protected]

AAK Hydraulic Valve (54) 2021-06-29

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