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AAK50 the service life of hydraulic valve

Item No.: AAK50
The filtration accuracy is up to 10 microns. American customer tried AAK Hydraulic Valve and re-ordered half a year later
AAK uses a high-precision filter, which makes the filtration accuracy of hydraulic oil reach 10 microns. In the industry, less than 10% of hydraulic valve manufacturers can achieve this accuracy. After comparison, American customer placed an order for AAK hydraulic valve and re-ordered half a year later.
The size of filtration accuracy will seriously affect the quality of hydraulic oil on the test bench, and then affect the service life of the threaded cartridge hydraulic valve. It has been mentioned before that the quality of oil is the premise of determining the service life of the hydraulic valve. However, nearly 90% of the hydraulic valve manufacturers are using the most conventional filters, and the filtration accuracy can only reach 25 microns, which leads to the failure to guarantee the service life of the hydraulic valve.
Blake, an American Hydraulic customer, usually purchases cartridge valves with a filtration accuracy of 25 microns. Recently, a special customer needs a batch of two position two-way cartridge valves with a filtration accuracy of 10 microns. However, none of his existing hydraulic valve suppliers can meet this requirement. Without choice, Blake had to look for a new hydraulic valve manufacturer. After many rounds, by chance, Blake contacted us AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE. We told him that for the control of filtration accuracy, the pore size of the filter element in the filter used by AAK is controlled at 10 μm, the hydraulic oil of the test bench pass through the filter screen before use, and the maximum allowable particle size is 10 μm. Whereas, the conventional hydraulic valve manufacturers are generally in accordance with the domestic standard of 25 μm, so it is very difficult to achieve our current filtration accuracy. The original service life of the hydraulic valve is 2 years, and the AAK hydraulic valve can guarantee at least 3-4 years.
With the mentality of having a try, Blake placed this order with AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE. It has been more than half a year since the shipment. Today Blake issued a re-order with double quantity. Compared with other hydraulic valves purchased before, those who use AAK hydraulic valves have a very good market response, no stuck valve, no oil leakage, no repair, good stability and long service life.
In order to avoid the impurities in the hydraulic oil affecting the service life of the hydraulic valve, in addition to replacing the detected hydraulic oil regularly, AAK also use high-precision filter to filter the oil, so as to avoid the influence of impurities in the oil on the use of the hydraulic valve and ensure the service life of the product.
AAK hydraulic valve, good stability and long service life, you also try a small order?


AAK Hydraulic Valve (50) 2021-06-23

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