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AAK48 Why does the hydraulic valve vibrate and make noise?

Item No.: AAK48
AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE to ensure the accuracy of the inner hole, and no vibration and noise, Canadian client impressed
The inner hole accuracy of hydraulic valve has always been the uncompromising point of AAK quality control. AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE factory is not only equipped with high-precision production equipment, but also strictly controls the precision of the die for the inner hole in the early stage. Each batch of hydraulic valves must be debugged for 3 times to ensure the seamless connection between the inner hole and the valve spool, and to ensure that the hydraulic valves have no vibration and noise in the later use. In Ningbo, the "hometown of hydraulic valves", there may not be a second hydraulic valve manufacturer that is comparable.
Matthew is the buyer of a hydraulic valve company in Canada. He has contacted us many times before, but he is determined to pursue low price, so we have no cooperation till now. Last month, his hydraulic valve supplier failed to get sample approved from his customer for 3 times. It is the approval sample for an order over $100,000. The customer mentioned that if the 4th Hydraulic valve sample still failed, the order would be cancelled. He realized that due to the limitation of technology, the original hydraulic valve manufacturer could not be able to get approval from his customer even after making samples for 10 times.
5 days later, still no manufacturer who can guarantee that the sample of hydraulic valve can pass at one time. As time went on, Matthew became more and more anxious. He has been following the news on our website. At this time, he feels that maybe AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE can do it.
We told him that if the accuracy of the inner hole of the hydraulic valve is not enough, the spool of the hydraulic valve will be stuck after a period of use, causing pressure fluctuations, various vibration and noise. At present, it is difficult for many hydraulic valve manufacturers to avoid this phenomenon 100%, which is also the reason why the hydraulic valve is prone to failure. In the face of these problems, the vast majority of hydraulic valve manufacturers are not thinking about how to solve, but how to shirk responsibility.
Aiming at the problem of his hydraulic valve, after several e-mail communications, Matthew became more and more interested in our quality control. He asked us to arrange make 4 samples of hydraulic valves as soon as possible, according to the customer's design draft. The key point was to avoid vibration, noise and other hydraulic problems. 1 week later, we sent the approval samples of hydraulic valves in time.
After half a month, Matthew decided to transfer the order to us. The sample parameters and debugging of AAK hydraulic valve were within the acceptable error range of the customers. The customers were very surprised by the qualitative change of their 4th hydraulic valve samples, and promised that more and more high-precision hydraulic valve inquires would be sent to their company.
AAK never evades any hydraulic problems, which is also the reason why new and old customers choose to cooperate with us for a long time. If you also have problems with hydraulic valves, please contact us by email: [email protected]
High precision AAK hydraulic valve, no vibration and noise, most of the domestic peers can’t do it or think of it.

AAK Hydraulic Valve (48) 2021-05-11
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