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AAK46 What is the gap size range between valve spool and body?

Item No.: AAK46
After inspection failure, Pablo communicated for 6 times and sourced for new hydraulic valve manufacturers for 4 days, but no gain. AAK Hydraulic Valve solved his problem with quality goods in 25 days
Pablo is the purchaser of a Spanish hydraulic valve company. He has an hydraulic valve order with early March delivery this year, but problems were found in the spot check 15 days prior to delivery. Some hydraulic valve spool completely stuck, some hydraulic valve spool movement is not smooth. After 6 times of email or telephone communication with the hydraulic valve manufacturer, the problem still can not be completely solved. The delivery time is approaching day by day, the finished hydraulic valves can not be shipped, now the manufacturer also has no ability and time to re-produce the hydraulic valves meeting customer quality.
Without a solution, Pablo has to tell customer the situation. Fortunately, the customer can accept 30 days delay shipment. Once bitten, twice shy. Pablo, who had learned a lesson, was extremely cautious and decided to cancel the cooperation with the original hydraulic valve manufacturer. It took 4 days for their purchasing team to source a new factory that was 100% satisfied but still failed, Pablo became nervous.
Their QC came across us on the way to the industrial park. QC came to our factory and we tested the hydraulic valve products he brought. We found that the accuracy of the clearance dimension between the spool and the inner hole of the valve body of these hydraulic valves is seriously not enough, and these clearance dimensions are basically within 8 μ m—22 μ M, but our AAK hydraulic valve can reach 8 μ m—14 μ M. If the clearance is too large, the valve spool will skew in the valve body, which makes the valve spool easy to be stuck. Reversely, if the clearance is too small, the friction resistance increases, so that the valve spool does not move smoothly. The valve samples on his hands just have both problems. The QC wanted to take some samples back and happened to pass by the workshop, so we randomly took some of the hydraulic valves that are just in packaging to him, bringing tack to Pablo to see the quality. 
5 days later, Pablo sent us an email to confirm the price and delivery date, and hope that we can help to complete it within 30 days. If we can make it earlier, it would be the best. We learned that this order was postponed by his customer without choice. In order to serve his customer well, we arranged the workshop to work overtime, and matched the most skilled technician to operate. 25 days later, shipment is ready and passed inspection one time, guaranteed quality and quantity. Their QC came to our factory to inspect the goods and told us that Pablo got our hydraulic valve samples and did a complete set of parameter tests. He is very satisfied with these parameters and indexes. At the same time, our hydraulic valve does not have the phenomenon of stuck valve and valve spool movement not smooth. He is very satisfied with the overall quality of AAK hydraulic valves, especially these samples are taken randomly from large goods.
Yesterday, Pablo said that customers were very satisfied with their purchasing team's ability to deal with the crisis and were ready to place a return order in early May. He is now more and more authoritative in their team and more and more confident in his work.
AAK hydraulic valve never create troubles to customers, buy at ease, use without worry!

AAK Hydraulic Valve (46) 2021-06-23
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