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AAK took over to solve the problem of hydraulic valve not matching drawing, become the preferred supplier of an American customer
Smith is the purchasing director of a company for hydraulic valves in Pennsylvania, USA. Recently, there is an order that the pre-production samples are not consistent with the product drawing, and even after several revisions, the modified samples still can not match the drawings. Because the hydraulic valve manufacturer has no professional engineer, the proofing master can't understand the drawings 100%, which leads to the difference between the pre-production samples and the drawings. Smith is very anxious because the delivery date is not waiting for him. The requirement of the headquarters is to find a reasonable solution within 15 days.
At present, in China, some hydraulic valve manufacturers do not have professional design engineers, and the understanding of drawings is prone to deviation. There should be a good understanding about the size, what’s more important, the product parameters. Even if the assistant can understand the drawings and let the proofing master follow the idea, it is likely that he will not be able to meet the customer's requirements, especially for the hydraulic valve which is particularly picky about the quality of details. With the instructions of the headquarters, Smith visited a number of hydraulic valve manufacturers one after another, they either have no professional design engineers, or there were shortcomings in processing technology.
Smith contacted us through the Internet. After several email communications, Smith's team decided to visit us AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE factory in 3 days. Smith visited our workshop, took out a set of design drawings, discussed with our technical team for 2 hours, and finally asked us to send samples within 10 days. Soon, we sent a sample of the hydraulic valve in only 1 week.
After receiving the approval sample, Smith immediately tested the product parameters, and the test results were consistent with the requirements of the drawing. Only then he can be assured that the requirements of the headquarters were achieved and the problem was solved.
After half a year of cooperation with AAK, Smith increased his business with AAK continuingly, especially on the development of new products, we have always been their first choice. Smith is now not only the company's head of hydraulic valve procurement, but also the head of the company's design department.
AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE professional technical team, let you save time and have no worry.

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