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AAK86 The Anti-rust treatment of Hydraulic Valve Block

Item No.: AAK86
American Customer Was Deceived And Returned to AAK to Place An Order, Only Because of AAK Coating Technology for Hydraulic Valve Block

Mason, an old customer of hydraulic valves from the United States. In March this year, he was not satisfied with the quotation of one of our hydraulic valve blocks, which was nearly 7% higher than his target price, so he didn't place an order with AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE. Unexpectedly, he sent an email last week asking whether our quotation of hydraulic valve block in March was still valid. We replied that you were our old customer and the price must be valid. Mason also frankly told us that there was a problem with the hydraulic valve blocks he purchased, which made him very headache now.
After communication, we learned that there were no problems in the preliminary test and shipment inspection on the hydraulic valve blocks produced by his previous hydraulic valve manufacturer. In the recent month, users had gradually reported that after setting up and debugging, the surface of the hydraulic valve block fell off paint, rusted, and even there was pollution inside the hydraulic system. Nearly 60% of the 300 hydraulic valve blocks purchased had this situation, and only 40% were still on sale. His boss found something wrong and suspended the sale of the remaining products. The hydraulic valve manufacturer believed that this was caused by the improper use of the hydraulic valve block by the user, and was only willing to replenish 10% of goods to solve this problem. His boss asked him to find a qualified hydraulic valve block supplier as soon as possible.
Because the use scenario of this hydraulic valve block was special, Mason knew that AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE could solve this problem, but his did not have authority to pay a 7% higher price. He contacted no less than 10 hydraulic valve manufacturers, and only 3 of them replied. They could solve the paint falling and rust spots on the surface of the hydraulic valve block, but the internal pollution could not be 100% avoided because they did not know the user's operation. The remaining hydraulic valve manufacturers did not give any reply at all.
Mason was very helpless. He had to bite the bullet and asked his boss for help if the purchasing price could be raised. When his boss learned about the whole purchase process, he asked Mason, why he did not report this situation in March?
After the delivery date provided by AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE was agreed by his users, Mason sent us the order for this hydraulic valve block, and asked us to ship as early as possible. At the same time, his boss was curious about how we did it.
The anti-rust treatment of AAK hydraulic valve block in the past is the same as that in other factories, which adopts surface painting or conventional electroplating treatment. The pain point of this process is that the hydraulic valve block is easy to be scratched, causing corrosion and increasing system pollution. We understand these potential problems of this process, and our technical team adheres to the new process exploration, so that AAK now has its own unique anti-rust technology. With the increasing requirements for product aesthetics and pollution control, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has its own proprietary anti-rust treatment technology, it electroplates a 0.02 ~ 0.03 mm thick special coating on the surface of the hydraulic valve block. This coating has excellent adsorption, not easy to fall off and also bright appearance. Only on this point, AAK has crushed most peers.
For the production of hydraulic valve block, AAK has proprietary anti-rust technology, which is enough to reassure you. You can have a small try.
AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE (86) 2021-10-18

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