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AAK77 The anti-rust processes for hydraulic valve blocks

Item No.: AAK77
AAK Hydraulic Valve Block Has Unique Anti-rust Technology, Russian Customer Tried A Small Order

AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has a proprietary valve block anti-rust treatment technology. A special coating with a thickness of 0.02 ~ 0.03 mm is plated on the surface of the hydraulic valve block. The coating has excellent adsorption, is not easy to fall off and has a bright appearance. On this point alone, it has crushed most of its peers. After several email communications, Russian customer resolutely placed an order with AAK.
Due to the limitation of process, most hydraulic valve manufacturers adopt surface painting or conventional electroplating for the anti-rust treatment of the hydraulic valve block surface. Such anti-rust treatment on the surface of the valve block will cause problems in the routine maintenance or repair of the hydraulic valve in the future. It is mainly reflected in that the hydraulic valve block is easy to be scratched, causing corrosion and increasing system pollution. Besides, falling paint and other sundries are also easy to enter the hydraulic valve block channel and bring pollutants directly to the system, resulting in secondary pollution of the system and accidents. The trouble is that it is generally difficult to find the problem of rust prevention on the surface of these hydraulic valve blocks in the short term.
Anatoly, a Russian hydraulic customer, purchased a batch of hydraulic valve blocks in March from a hydraulic valve manufacturer. There were no problems in the preliminary test and final inspection. However, he continued to receive feedback from consumers in the last month. After setting up and debugging, the surface of the valve block fell off paint, rusted, and even there is pollution inside the system. According to the statistics of the information received, among the 200 products purchased, there are nearly 100 products in this situation now, and only 100 are still on sale. Anatoly found something wrong and immediately asked to suspend the sales of the remaining products. At the same time, he communicated with the manufacturer for many times for these inferior products, but the manufacturer's attitude was very bad and had always been unable to give accurate solutions.
Anatoly used to interact with us on the B2B platform. We didn't know the problems of his hydraulic valve block until we received his email last month. For these problems, we talked about the current hydraulic market in the reply to his email. In order to save costs, many peers use very conventional anti-rust treatment on the hydraulic valve blocks. There are mainly two processes:
1. Directly paint the valve block surface after assembling the components. During component disassembly, replacement and maintenance, it is very easy to damage the paint around the component. At the same time, the fallen paint and other sundries are also easy to enter the valve block duct and cause system pollution
2. After all the hydraulic valve blocks are processed, a layer of oxide film plating is carried out. The surface oxide film is relatively thin, which is easy to be scratched, causing corrosion and increasing system pollution.
Anatoly asked if we have a way to eradicate it completely. We also encountered these similar hydraulic valve block problems in the early stage. Our technical team did not follow the trend and insisted on new process exploration, so that AAK has its own unique anti-rust technology now. With the increasing requirements for product aesthetics and pollution control, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE adopts the proprietary valve block anti-rust treatment technology, electroplating a special coating with a thickness of 0.02 ~ 0.03 mm on the surface of the valve block. At the same time, the coating has excellent adsorption, not easy to fall off and has bright appearance. Only at this point, it has crushed most peers.
Perhaps Anatoly has already had a sense of trust in us. He sent their hydraulic valve block drawings and also the hydraulic valve blocks produced by last hydraulic valve manufacturer, asking us to produce 500 trial orders directly according to these requirements, to make up for the stock shortage caused by the defective products.
AAK hydraulic valve block is free of rust and pollution. You can also try a small order!


AAK Hydraulic Valve (77) 2021-09-10

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