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AAK75 How to remove the residual iron filings in the hydraulic valve block

Item No.: AAK75
AAK Uses 5 More Processes to Ensure That The Valve Block Is Free of Iron Filings, Which Satisfies The American Customer After Testing The Sample

After the AAK Hydraulic valve block is processed, it shall be consolidated in 5 processes to ensure that it is free of iron filings and completely avoid the pollution of the hydraulic system. Less than 10% of hydraulic valve manufacturers are willing to make efforts to improve this detail. American customer is very satisfied after receiving AAK hydraulic valve block samples.
In the intersecting processing channels of the hydraulic valve block, iron filings are easy to remain, especially in the slender hole, which is difficult to clean. These fine iron filings are easy to enter the system and cause pollution, resulting in paralysis of the hydraulic system. The eradication of iron filings is a cumbersome process. In order to save costs, many hydraulic valve manufacturers will save processes as long as the hydraulic valve has no problems in the short term. It is a common problem of this industry, less than 10% of hydraulic valve manufacturers are willing to make efforts to improve this detail, causing many customers to be cheated.
George, an American Hydraulic customer, purchased a batch of hydraulic valve blocks some time ago. The parameters of system were normal in the early test, but unexpectedly, after 15 days, the hydraulic oil in the system suddenly deteriorated. He didn't know that the hydraulic valve was wrong until the whole test system stopped. After careful analysis of the causes, it was found that there were iron filings inside the oil, and the internal valve spool of the cartridge valve connected with the valve block also showed signs of wear. The Hydraulic valve manufacturer deliberately evaded the problem and had no good solution. George was helpless and had to find a new hydraulic valve manufacturer while waiting for the current manufacturer to solve the problem.
We are not sure how he found us AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE. After receiving his email, we replied how we eradicated the residual iron filings in valve block. 6 years ago, we also failed the inspection due to the residual iron filings in the valve block. It took us half a year to explore a set of methods that could completely eradicate the residual iron filings in the valve block:  

  1. Cook with high-temperature alkaline water to make the iron filings in the valve block lose their magnetism.


  1. Hold the rotary file with an electric or pneumatic small grinding wheel, and clean the flash and burr at the corner of the hole channel with a round file for deep holes to achieve smooth connection.


  1. Use compressed air and high-pressure washing machine to wash the dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of the duct under high pressure.


  1. Use industrial endoscope and cold light source to check the flash and burr at the corner in the duct. If any, flush it point-to-point under high pressure until the iron filings in the valve block are completely eradicated.


  1. Clean the residual water and oil in the duct with white silk cloth to ensure that the valve block is clean and free of any residue.

George was very cautious and needed us to provide videos. We replied to him directly that you might not believe it now, but in order to save time of both parties, let's test the samples directly. We directly proofed according to his drawings. 25 days after the valve block of the hydraulic valve was sent, he sent an email to us. After 20 days of testing, his company was very satisfied with AAK's hydraulic valve block. The hydraulic system, oil quality and hydraulic accessories were normal, which completely avoided the problem of system pollution.
AAK hydraulic valve block, no residual iron filings, you can give it a try.


AAK Hydraulic Valve (75) 2021-09-03
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