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AAK89 The Quality of Pressure Spring of Hydraulic Valves

Item No.: AAK89
Natalia Compared 10 Factories but No Gain, finally AAK Hydraulic Valve with 100% Imported Pressure Spring Impressed Her

5 years ago, AAK hydraulic pressure control valves started to use 100% Korean piano steel wire as the pressure spring of hydraulic valves, while only a few hydraulic valve manufacturers in Ningbo were using it. Russian customer Natalia placed an order 3 months after receiving our hydraulic pressure control valve samples. Finally, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE became Natalia's only hydraulic valve supplier in Ningbo.
Most hydraulic valve manufacturers use carbon steel, which is cheap and widely used, as the valve spool of hydraulic valves. This pressure spring has good hardness, but its plasticity and toughness are very general, its tensile strength is relatively weak and its stability is difficult to control. After the hydraulic pressure control valves being used for a period of time, the pressure may not be adjustable.
Natalia, a Russian customer, purchased hydraulic pressure control valves from Ningbo last year. There was a problem with the automatic pressure regulation. She received many complaints from her customers. Natalia contacted more than 10 hydraulic valve manufacturers, but all the pressure springs from them were not up to standard. Natalia thought of AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE, which may be able to solve this problem. When we received the hydraulic pressure control valve drawing from Natalia, she repeatedly stressed the quality of the pressure spring. After discussion, the technical team of AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE promised to send the approval sample of hydraulic pressure control valve within 12 days.
After we sent the hydraulic pressure control valve sample, Natalia only confirmed the receipt and asked us to wait for her comparison results. We have been waiting for 3 months, during which time we sent an email to her, but didn't get a reply, so we held this hydraulic pressure control valve.
The day before our National Day holiday, I was a little surprised when I received an email from Natalia for the hydraulic pressure control valve order. In the following conversation, we learned that she had not only asked us AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE factory to make samples. She contacted with more than 10 hydraulic valve manufacturers totally, and asked 3 manufacturers to make samples and send the samples to their company for testing. The company tested every components and the circulation of the whole hydraulic system. We AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE and another hydraulic valve manufacturer from Guangdong were shortlisted. However, the pressure spring of AAK hydraulic pressure control valve has unique skills, and its tensile test parameters are the best. Natalia chose AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE finally. She said that if the quality of this order is no problem, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE will be their only hydraulic valve supplier in Ningbo in the future.
AAK hydraulic valves have always used piano steel wire pressure spring imported from Korea. The material has high strength, good elasticity, fatigue resistance, creep resistance and toughness, smooth and clean surface, strong anti rust ability, specified tensile strength and torsional performance, and the surface will not have cracks, folds, scabs, tensile cracks and corrosion.
AAK hydraulic valves are not the common quality in the market, but it is the one that is difficult for you to find several hydraulic valve manufacturers in China that can be compared with us. It's not because we are pride, we're more honest and just tell the truth. You can also try a small order.

AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE (89) 2021-10-21

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