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AAK84 The Horn Hole of Hydraulic Pressure Valve

Item No.: AAK84
AAK Hydraulic Pressure Valve Has No Horn Hole, Which Saved US$80,000 Order for Adair

AAK hydraulic pressure valve has no horn hole. In Ningbo, the hydraulic valve production base, few factories are sure to solve the horn hole. AAK uses automatic programming software to program and upgrade the processing technology of hydraulic valve cavity hole. The geometric tolerance of each hole is within 0.02mm. At the same time, small fillet is used to replace the R angle of our peers to transition, which completely avoids the horn hole.
Most hydraulic valve manufacturers use manual programming to design the geometric tolerance of cavity hole, which is prone to human error and can not be corrected. At the same time, due to the limitation of operation methods, the transition angle between small holes in the hydraulic pressure valve generally adopts the R angle for transition, which is easy to artificially leave a small space that is not easy to detect, so the horn hole will probably appear. After the hydraulic pressure valve is used for a period of time, the horn hole is easy to leak. What's more troublesome is that the oil stain outside the hydraulic pressure valve is easy to enter the valve spool and damage the whole hydraulic system.
Adair, a hydraulic valve purchaser in Scotland, had many contacts with AAK hydraulic valve before, because he pursues low price, there is no cooperation between us. In July this year, he placed an order for hydraulic pressure valve worth 80,000 US dollars to a hydraulic valve manufacturer in Ningbo. 2 months later, the quality of the hydraulic pressure valve failed to meet the standard every time. Adair realized that even if it took another 2 months, the sample still could not be approved. Adair accidentally saw an article from AAK about "horn hole" on the B2B website, he further sourced until he got to the AAK website: www.aakindustry.com, he realized that it was the hydraulic valve manufacturer he had been contacting.
When we received Adair's email, we understood the problems and causes of his hydraulic pressure valve. 3 days later, we received the hydraulic pressure valve samples that he asked the original hydraulic valve manufacturer to send, we found that the processing coaxiality of the cavity hole diameter of the combined holes of these hydraulic pressure valves was between 0.03-0.05mm, and there were tool connecting traces at the transition R angle. After we took the video and sent it to him, he understood why the samples of the original hydraulic valve manufacturer were always not approved.
After receiving the video, Adair transferred the order of this hydraulic pressure valve to us AAK hydraulic valve the next day. At the same time, Adair also joked that you found the problem, but not means that you are able to solve the problem. How does you AAK hydraulic valve do and make me believe that you can 100% solve these hidden problems.
AAK hydraulic valve is good at finding the pain points of traditional process, and is more willing to take time to improve or innovate the production process of hydraulic valve. Many times, the process has been one step ahead of the peers. For example, this hydraulic pressure valve is programmed by automatic programming software, which replaces the manual programming commonly used by our peers. After the hydraulic pressure valve automatically generates the cavity hole, then next step is processed. The geometric tolerance of each hole must be controlled within 0.02mm. If it does not meet the standard, the next step of processing will not be carried out. At the same time, each transition angle between the small holes of the hydraulic pressure valve uses a small fillet to replace the common R angle of our peers. By optimizing the processing parameters of the cartridge hole, the horn hole is completely avoided.
AAK hydraulic pressure valve has no horn hole, feeling at ease to use. You can also try a small order.
AAK Hydraulic Valve (84) 2021-10-13

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