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AAK87 The Zero Leakage Hydraulic Needle Valves

Item No.: AAK87
AAK Hydraulic Needle valve has no leakage, 3 of 500 Global Top Enterprises in Use.

The hydraulic needle valves produced by AAK has no leakage and its stability exceeds that of most of its hydraulic valve peers, enabling a foreign trade company in Guangdong to save a major global top 500 customer. The key is that AAK adopts high-precision processing equipment imported from Switzerland to produce hydraulic needle valves. At present, there are less than 5 hydraulic valve manufacturers with such high configuration in the hometown of hydraulic valves in Ningbo.
Most hydraulic valve manufacturers use CNC lathe to produce hydraulic needle valves. The hydraulic needle valves made by CNC lathe has high technical requirements for operators and is prone to human errors, such as the valve spool deviates from the central axis. Because of human error, the hydraulic needle valve leaks, and it is not easy to judge which part has the problem.
At the end of last year, Mr. Wang, the general manager of a hydraulic valve export company in Shanghai, received complaints from major customers about the several batches of hydraulic needle valves, which made them in a mess. Under the introduction of friends, he came to our company and brought those hydraulic needle valve samples with problems. After inspection, it is found that the main line of the hydraulic needle valve is offset, and the valve spool deviates from the central axis. I told him that this problem is easy to solve and also easy to cause problems. Only with a better CNC lathe can it be guaranteed. We provided him the test data of AAK hydraulic needle valves for comparison, and also asked him to take several hydraulic needle valve samples at random and send them to his customer to compare with the domestic peers.
More than half a year later, there was still no reply from Mr. Wang. I didn't know how difficult it was for a top 500 enterprise to place a new order until I had a telephone communication with Manager Wang for more than 30 minutes last week. After Mr. Wang went back last time, he wanted to send the samples of AAK hydraulic needle valves to the major foreign customer, a global top 500 enterprises. At first, the customer refused until their overseas colleagues came to visit with the samples of the hydraulic needle valve to test the samples together on site. After the test, the customer was very satisfied with the quality of the hydraulic needle valve samples, which not only had good surface gloss, high precision, but also had strong sealing performance. Customer is willing to place a trial order first. As long as the quality of the mass production is the same as the samples brought, they can continue to purchase all kinds of hydraulic valves from their company. Mr. Wang asked us to work together to keep this global top 500 customer.
In order to achieve zero leakage of the hydraulic needle valve, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has imported the highest precision production equipment from Swiss to make up for the short board of CNC lathe. At present, less than 10% of the peers have this equipment. It can replace 7 groups of accessories at random. The high-pressure hydraulic needle valve produced by Swiss equipment has high precision, which is at least 20% higher than that of domestic conventional CNC lathe. Not only high precision, but also stability.
The zero leak AAK hydraulic needle valve is being used by global top 500 enterprises. You can also try an order.
AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE (87) 2021-10-19

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