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AAK157 Hydraulic Needle Valves free of burr residue

Item No.: AAK157
The email from Draper this morning made me in a good mood all day. I had two bowls of rice at noon. He said that 5 months have passed since AAK supplied the hydraulic needle valves in September last year, they have not received any complaints from users.

The email from Draper this morning made me in a good mood all day. I had two bowls of rice at noon. He said that 5 months have passed since AAK supplied the hydraulic needle valves in September last year, they have not received any complaints from users. His boss finally accepted his suggestion: "AAK is the preferred supplier for hydraulic needle valves, even if the price is 20% more expensive". Draper, whom we met in 2019, is a purchasing veteran of Doedijns company in the Netherlands. In 2019, he purchased 3 small batches of hydraulic needle valves from AAK in 3 times. He was very satisfied with the quality and service of AAK hydraulic valves, but in the recent two years of 2020 and 2021, he basically just placed orders for the very difficult and small quantity of hydraulic valves. Draper told the truth privately that he couldn't persuade the boss to place a big order with AAK. The problem is the price. Sometimes the price of AAK hydraulic valves is 20% higher than that of other manufacturers. Only the orders that are out of the capacity other hydraulic valve manufacturers will be placed with AAK.  


Last July, Draper sent us an email with the subject of "the production time of 1200 hydraulic needle valves". Because he had never sent an inquiry for such a big quantity of hydraulic needle valves, I thought that he sent the email to us by mistake. After communication, it was learned that he finally persuaded the boss to place big order with AAK even if the hydraulic needle valve is 20% more expensive, because they don't want to waste time on the after-sales for the hydraulic needle valves.


In the past 2 years, customers have complained more and more about the hydraulic needle valves purchased by Draper. The complaints are basically about some small details of the hydraulic needle valves. For example, the hidden burr of the hydraulic needle valves in the hydraulic power system is not completely cleaned, which affects the matching accuracy and assembly of various parts in the system, as well as the tightness of the matching interface, resulting in internal leakage. Some hydraulic needle valves are complained by users after being used for even only 3 months. For many times, they needed to replace the hydraulic needle valves for users with new ones, which wasted too much of time due to after-sales and also interrupted the construction progress of users. The 1200 hydraulic needle valves purchased from AAK this time are the repeat order for their old customer. The customer said that they will not accept the repair of hydraulic power equipment within 6 months for any reason. Draper once again suggested the boss purchase the hydraulic needle valves from AAK, because in the past 3 years, there has never been any abnormal quality of any hydraulic valves purchased from AAK within 12 months. After comparing more than 20 hydraulic valve manufacturers, AAK is his most trusted hydraulic valve manufacturer. Perhaps his boss also knows that AAK hydraulic needle valve has never been complained. Although the pre-sales cost from AAK is 20% more, sometimes the after-sales cost of hydraulic needle valves purchased from other hydraulic valve manufacturers may exceed 20%. The boss finally agreed with Draper’s opinion. This time, the large order of hydraulic needle valves will be placed with AAK even if the price is 20% more expensive. Also, in the future, AAK will be the first choice for their hydraulic valves.


The reason why Draper is not worried about the burr of AAK hydraulic needle valves is that he knows that AAK has the unique burr removal process that most other hydraulic valve manufacturers can't do. Firstly, the accurate position of the burr is determined, and the burr is removed by high-pressure solution jet. Then, there is one more step to re-check the residual burr that the other peers will not do. The burr part is rechecked by endoscope C50. If there are still residual burr, clean it again and recheck it again until it is completely eliminated. This is a detail awareness lacked by other hydraulic valve manufacturers, and also the reason why AAK can achieve 100% free of burrs. AAK endoscope equipment uses the number of CCD pixels and optical fiber conduction to automatically adjust the brightness during detection. It performs 360 degree detection on each hole in the valve body and clearly grabs each hidden burr, so as to ensure that each hydraulic needle valve is 100% free of burr residue.


AAK hydraulic needle valve is unique in detail inspection. Welcome to have a small try!


AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE (157) 2022-02-22


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