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AAK79 Reasons for Hydraulic Valve leakage

Item No.: AAK79
12 Minutes later after Following AAK For 327 Days, Russian Customer Placed A Small Order of Hydraulic Flow Valve.

Maxim, from a hydraulic valve company in Russia, is a very interesting customer. This morning, there was an e-mail from him (in the spam folder). That was the first time he sent an e-mail to us. We took a look and found that he left us a message for the first time 327 days ago.
It was learned from the email that he had previously purchased a batch of hydraulic flow valves in other hydraulic valve manufacturer. After receiving the shipments of the hydraulic flow valves, he found that the parameters of hydraulic flow valve were inconsistent with those in the artwork. When he asked the hydraulic valve manufacturer about this problem, the manufacturer replied that the function of the hydraulic flow valve would not be affected. He believed it. After a period of time, some customers complained, which made him criticized by the boss several times. For example, the valve was stuck, there was oil leakage, the valve spool could not be opened, and there were more than 120 hydraulic flow valves needed to be replaced. Maxim was also confused. He had cooperated with this hydraulic valve manufacturer for several times. How could there be these problems.
Maxim's first message on the B2B platform to us was "interesting", 327 days ago. Later, on our company website, B2B platform, social media etc., as long as there were articles or information about AAK hydraulic valve, he would basically gave comments or likes, and occasionally asked a question about hydraulic valve, but the interaction frequency was not high. We had an impression of him and always thought that he was the hydraulic valve peer, not the customer.
We replied by email that the inconsistency in the accuracy or parameters of the hydraulic valve was due to the interaction of multiple factors such as raw material grade and process technology. According to your customers' complaints, problems should be from the following 3 points:
1. The machining accuracy of the parts is low, the assembly quality is poor, and the oil is too dirty, resulting in the jamming of the valve spool.
2. The valve spool is not in close contact with the valve seat, and the different shafts of the valve body hole and the valve spool are too large, resulting in leakage.
3. The coaxiality between the valve spool hole and the control piston hole exceeds the standard, and the top of the control piston is bent, so that the valve spool cannot be opened.
At present, what he urgently needed to solve was the problem of goods replacement for customer and to ensure the quality of hydraulic valves. I replied that AAK hydraulic valve not only pursue the accuracy of hydraulic valve, but also pay more attention to the stability of hydraulic valve. We could achieve what you want most with minimal cooperation.
12 minutes after the e-mail was sent, the test order for 120 hydraulic flow valves came. I asked, don't you need us to send you samples for testing first? Maxim said he had paid attention to AAK hydraulic valve for a long time and believed in the quality of AAK hydraulic valve. If this order was shipped smoothly and has no problems later, he would consider AAK as the preferred Hydraulic Valve supplier.
This order goes well. If you are in trouble, don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible!

AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE (79) 2021-09-24

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