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AAK69 Relationship between throttle and flow of hydraulic flow valve

Item No.: AAK69
The Flow Instability, Which Plagued German Customer For More Than 1 Year, Has Been Solved After Using AAK Hydraulic Flow Valve

The throttle is one of the core components of the hydraulic flow valve. AAK adopts the axial triangular groove throttle, which has large hydraulic radius and wide adjustment range. Moreover, the flow of the hydraulic flow valve is stabilized at 50ml/min without flow instability. The flow instability of the hydraulic flow valve, which has plagued German customer for more than 1 year, has been solved after using the AAK hydraulic flow valve.
With the increasing number of hydraulic valve manufacturers, the price of hydraulic valve is becoming more and more transparent. The price competition of different manufacturers directly leads to the decline of the quality of hydraulic valve components. Although they have coped with the market for a time, they are absolutely unable to cope with the customers who pay high attention to the quality of hydraulic valve.
Last month, a German customer came to inquire about the hydraulic flow valve by e-mail. Because this hydraulic flow valve is too common, we sent a quotation directly. The customer said that the price of this hydraulic flow valve is a little higher than that ordered in the past. At that time, I asked him why he found a new hydraulic flow valve manufacturer, and the customer was also straightforward. He wanted to terminate the order of the current hydraulic valve manufacturer. After more than a year of cooperation, the flow of several batches of hydraulic flow valves was unstable, basically in the range of 50-75ml/min, so his customers complained very often.
He said that he had been looking for new hydraulic flow valve manufacturers, and AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE was recommended by one of his customers. His customer has purchased hydraulic flow valve from AAK for more than 3 years, and the flow stability is good.
Flow stability is an important quality index of hydraulic flow valve. After more than 2 years of exploration, AAK hydraulic flow valve has adopted new processes and parameters in the production of axial triangular groove throttle, which can stabilize the flow at 50ml/min. Now it is a relatively mature process, and basically there will be no flow fluctuation.
The German customer asked us to send several hydraulic flow valve samples immediately. Last week, we received feedback of the hydraulic flow valve samples. His customers like such quality and parameters. More importantly, the flow of these hydraulic flow valves is stable at 50ml/min.
The unstable flow of hydraulic valves
is a common problem in many factories. If you also encounter this problem, try a small order with AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE.

AAK Hydraulic Valve (69) 2021-08-13
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