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AAK90 The Accuracy Standard for Hydraulic Check Valves

Item No.: AAK90
AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE Never Cheat, Steven Doesn't Want to Find a Second Supplier

AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE factory is equipped with high-precision imported CNC lathes and honing machines, designed many small fixtures and special processing equipment for assembly, the production efficiency is 30% higher than that of its peers. Moreover, AAK never cheat customers, ensure quality and delivery time, customer Steven doesn't want to find a second supplier anymore.
For the foreign trade hydraulic valve orders, delivery time is very important and critical. The domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers are used to domestic sales. They are not too serious about the delivery date, the production is slow and the workers get off work at the fixed time. If it is urgent, nearly 90% of the hydraulic valve manufacturers will choose outsourcing processing. Different hydraulic valve manufacturers have different quality levels, so the quality of the hydraulic valves is uneven and the delivery time may still be delayed. Choose such a hydraulic valve manufacturer, the full quantity is not guaranteed, and the quality is also difficult to count on.
At the beginning of 2020, one of our old customers introduced the American customer Steven to AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE. Steven mainly purchased many hydraulic check valves in the past 2 years. In previous years, he purchased hydraulic check valves in their country. Only the year before last, he started to develop hydraulic valve suppliers in Ningbo and Guangdong. He encountered problems. Some hydraulic check valve manufacturers have limited equipment, production does not conform to the process, and the accuracy of hydraulic valves is unstable, so they have been afraid to place orders.
Steven learned from our website and the communication that AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has several high-precision imported CNC lathes and many small processing equipment, the production line operates 24 hours, and the hydraulic valve technicians take two shifts, each process has strict operation standards, and the output can be 30% higher than that of peers. At the same time, it can ensure the quality of hydraulic valves.
Steven placed an order for hydraulic check valves of more than 20,000 US dollars with AAK. It takes only 30 days for AAK HYDRALUIC VALVE to complete the order, because it is the first cooperation, he especially gave us 45 days to produce these hydraulic check valves and required that the delivery date cannot be postponed and the accuracy must meet the requirements.
After 25 days, the mass production of the hydraulic check valves was completed 35 days in advance. Steven was a little surprised at the productivity of our hydraulic check valves. 2 months after he received the shipments, he sent us an email that his customers were very satisfied with the quality of the hydraulic check valves, which can be compared with #sun hydraulic #. Steven is pleased to tell us that in Ningbo, he will no longer consider looking for a second hydraulic check valve supplier.
AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE is not only willing to spend a lot of money on equipment, but also willing to spend money on technological innovation. The key is that AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE  never makes cheat customers. The production line operates for 24h, with high capacity and quality. Its quality is comparable with the international first-line hydraulic valve brands. The world's top 500 enterprises also like the #hydraulic check valves# produced by AAK.
Guaranteed Quality, Quantity and Delivery, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE never cheat, which saves you worry and rest assured.

AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE (90) 2021-10-22

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