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FC10-00 Needle Valve

Item No.: FC10-00
A needle valve is used to accurately control flow rates of fluids. The adjustments are gradual and smooth for controlling the flow rate, however, they can also be used as a reliable shut-off valve.

FC10-00 Needle Valve

Pressure:                 250bar
Rated Flow:             See Performance Chart
Internal Leakage:    3drops/min/207bar
Filtration of Oil:        25Microns        
Temperature:          -30℃ ~ +120℃
Fluids:                     Mineral-based fluids
Cavity:                     VC10-2(T5-1), see14.1

The valve varies flow restriction by adjusting needle in or out and will shut off when fully closed. These valves will meter flow in either direction.

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We guarantee quality for 3 years: No leakage, No Noise, No Vibration.

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