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DC08-00 Two-way Hydraulic Lock

Item No.: DC08-00
A hydraulic manifold is a component that regulates fluid flow between pumps and actuators and other components in a hydraulic system.

DC08-00 Two-way Hydraulic Lock

Pressure:                 350bar
Rated Flow:             See Performance Chart
Internal Leakage:    <0.3CC/min/207bar
Pilot Ratio:               7 : 1
Temperature:           -30℃ ~ +120℃

The valve will block from "c1" to "v1" and "c2" to "v2". Flow is allowed in the opposite direction when pressure is applied to port "v1" or "v2". The valve has a 7:1 pilot ratio, so at least 1/7 of the load pressure at port "c1" or "c2" is required at the pilot lines (ports "v1" or "v2") to open the flow passage to allow flow from ports "c1" or "c2".

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