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CBIG-CBIH Counterbalance Valves

Counterbalance valves are used to prevent oil from leaving a cylinder that is holding a load. Without the counterbalance valve, the load would move in an uncontrollable manner if oil pressure is lost for some reason.

CBIG-CBIH Counterbalance Valves



Pressure:                350bar

Rated Flow:             See Performance Chart

Pilot ratio:                see order

Internal Leakage:    5drops/min

Filtration:                 25Microns        

Temperature:         -30℃ ~ +120℃

Cavity:                   SUN T-19A see 14.9



The chck valve allows free from port② to① while a direct-acting, pilot-assisted relief valves controls flow from port① to ②. Pilot assist at port③ lowers hte effective setting of the relief valve at a rate determined by the pilot ratio


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