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5 Manufacturing Processes of AAK Hydraulic Valve Block, 5 Parameters Ahead of Peers Not Only 5 Steps
AAK hydraulic valve block is manufactured strictly in accordance with AAK's own 5 processing procedures to ensure at least 7H screw hole machining accuracy requirements; the roughness of mounting hole should be at least Ra0.8; the geometric tolerance is 0.005-0.01MM at most; the surface roughness of 0-ring groove is at least Ra3.2, and the surface roughness of flow channel is at least Ra12.5.
The importance of hydraulic valve block in hydraulic system has been recognized by more and more people, and its application scope is more and more extensive. The use of hydraulic valve block can not only simplify the design and installation of hydraulic system, but also facilitate the integration and standardization of hydraulic system, reduce the manufacturing cost and improve the accuracy and reliability.
However, with the increase of complexity of hydraulic system and difficulty of the design of hydraulic valve block, it also causes a series of problems, such as the raise of complexity of manufacturing process, the increase of processing cost and so on. Today, we will learn about the manufacturing process of AAK hydraulic valve block through the following introduction:
1) Pretreatment. The material used for valve block progressing should be compact in internal structure, free from interlayer, trachoma and other defects. If necessary, the roughcast should be detected for defects. Cast iron blocks and larger steel blocks should go through aging treatment and pretreatment before processing.
2) Machining. After rough machining such as milling and planning the valve block roughcast, bench workers use scriber to mark lines, the allowance for final fine grinding should be reserved. The surface roughness of valve block must meet the design requirements, especially the installation surface of hydraulic valve, flange and pipe joint, which should be free of marking marks and other defects, otherwise leakage will be caused.
3) Deburring. After the machining of valve block, it is necessary to chamfering and deburring. All flow channels in the valve block, especially the intersection of intersecting flow channels, must be thoroughly deburred, which is closely related to the reliability of the whole hydraulic system, hence must not be ignored.
4) Cleaning. The valve block must be thoroughly cleaned before assembly, and special cleaning equipment should be set. The cleaning fluid should be antirust cleaning fluid, kerosene or engine oil is also OK. When flushing, it is better to have a certain pressure. All flow channels, especially blind holes, must be cleaned without any iron filings, dirt and debris. After cleaning, the valve block should be assembled immediately, otherwise it should be coated with anti rust oil. Besides, the oil port should be covered to prevent corrosion and secondary pollution.
5) Assembly. Before assembling the valve block, check again whether the connection of the orifice is consistent with the schematic diagram, check all the components and parts to be assembled, and ensure that the assembled components, seals and other parts are qualified products. The screw plug on the valve block should be sealed with anaerobic glue. Before using the anaerobic glue, the oil dirt on the joint surface must be removed. After gluing, the screw plug must be tightened. Oil can only be filled after 24 hours.
All screw holes on AAK hydraulic valve block should have machining accuracy requirements, generally 7H, or customized according to customers. The machining accuracy of screw cartridge valve mounting holes should meet the requirements of product samples, and the roughness of cartridge valve mounting holes is Ra0.8. In addition, there are also dimensional tolerance and geometric tolerance requirements. The surface roughness of 0-ring groove is Ra3.2, and surface roughness of general runner is Ra12.5.
Those are detailed manufacturing processes of AAK hydraulic valve block. Why are you hesitating? Come to order and have a try!

AAK Hydraulic Valve (61) 2021-07-15

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