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American customers accept the suggestion to use HM46 hydraulic oil and tested an order for AAK hydraulic valve finally

Logan, an American customer, recently purchased a batch of hydraulic valves, but problems came out within the shelf life period. In previous years, he promised that it would have no problem within 1-2 year period. However, for unknown reason, nearly 60% of the users had problems after using them for about only 8 months. Sometimes, he even received more than 20 complaint calls in a day, which completely broke his habitual working pace and exhausted.
Logan sent us inquiries before, but has not cooperated with us yet. He sent us an email for a try and asked whether our company's hydraulic valves could avoid their customers' complaints. I suggested testing the product parameters randomly. If all parameters of the product are tested to be qualified, it's the best to learn about the user's environment. One week later, Logan sent me an email saying that the oil medium used by the current complaining customers is HL32 hydraulic oil, and the other environment is the same.
I told him that the quality of the oil will also affect the service life of the product. HL32 hydraulic oil has the lubrication of the circulation system, and its price is cheap. At the same time, it can extend the oil change cycle. Compared with machine oil, it can save 1/3-1/2 of lubricating oil, so it has become the first choice of many users. However, it also has a lot of instability due to air release value, anti foaming property and water separation poor performance, it is easy to get the product rusted and scrapped, it is only suitable for the lubrication to all kinds of machine tool bearing box, low pressure circulation system that do not have special requirement for oil quality, but not suitable for hydraulic valve system.
After listening to my analysis, Logan said that no supplier had ever mentioned the requirements for the hydraulic oil and asked me how to give the user a guide. We told him that as long as HM46 hydraulic oil can be used, the water mixed in the oil can be quickly separated, and it has excellent oxidation stability and hydrolysis stability. At the same time, it can resist air, moisture, high temperature, high pressure and other factors. The problems can be solved easily.
Three months later, we received an order of US$60,000 from Logan. This is an inquiry made by Logan half a year ago. On the call communication, Logan mentioned that after listening to my analysis last time, he immediately suggested the user try to change the hydraulic oil. After that, the service life of the product has been improved and the effect is obvious. At the same time, the trust of the user has been successfully restored. This order is mainly due to the recognition of our quality and technical authority, and also thank us for helping solve his customer's complaints even without business cooperation, taking this opportunity to have more cooperation with us.
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