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AAK hydraulic valve uses nitrile rubber as sealing ring, Ron is authorized by the headquarters to issue large orders on site

Ron is one of the purchasers of an American hydraulic valve company in East China. A batch of hydraulic valves was released in June this year. The company's after-sales director told him that nearly 40% of consumers complained about the poor sealing and obvious oil leakage of the hydraulic valves. Ron was very surprised that he had not changed the factory, and the quality had not gone wrong in previous years. How could such a low-level error occur this time? He knew that if the problem could not be solved fundamentally, he would be fired.
In order to find out the reason, Ron visited many manufacturers and learned that most of the manufacturers used silicone sealing rings in order to save costs due to the rapid rise of materials recently. This material has good tensile properties, high temperature resistance, no deformation, and good sealing and waterproof properties, but the biggest problem is that it is not resistant to oil and acid. However, because of the strong tensile strength and convenient assembly of the silicone sealing ring, the assembly efficiency of the whole hydraulic valve is very high. In order to save the cost, many manufacturers take the silicone sealing ring as the first choice.
When Ron realized that the factory had secretly changed the materials, he was extremely disappointed and decided to replace the old factory with a new one. Ron saw our website on the Internet and found that there were nitrile rubber sealing rings in the introduction of each product, which was different from other manufacturers. He was curious and sent us an email asking why our sealing ring is different from most factories. We suggested that he buy more than 10 samples, test the parameters himself first to approve the quality, and send them to the U.S. headquarters. Ron was pleased that the headquarters was very satisfied with the quality of the samples and immediately provided them to customers for trial use. A week later, the headquarters received positive feedback from users, which was very good. Ron's hanging heart finally settled down and the problem was solved.
AAK hydraulic valve mainly uses NBR sealing ring. This material not only has high temperature resistance, good adhesion, and corrosion resistance, but also mainly oil resistance, acid resistance, waterproof and anti-aging. It is the first choice for sealing the hydraulic system. At the same time, we can also according to the customer's requirements for different use scenarios of the hydraulic valve, specially match the sealing ring with different media to reach the standard of zero oil leakage. This is why many new and old customers choose to cooperate with us, not easy to change suppliers.
One month later, Ron visited our company. He was very impressed by our comprehensive professional knowledge and determination of quality. And thanks to us for recovering at least 40% of its losses last time, and now the purchase volume of those old users has increased by nearly 30% over the same period. What's more, he signed a cooperation agreement with us for the whole year, with a purchase volume of US$800,000. He told me quietly that the headquarters was very satisfied with him and trusted him, so that he had the opportunity to place large orders on site.
AAK hydraulic valve, is very strict to quality, looking forward to your trial order!