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AAK hydraulic valve spool never leaks, customer promoted to head of Spain headquarters in China

Fernado is a purchaser from a Spain company, responsible for its company's hydraulic valve procurement project in China. This time, he suffered a big setback. For a batch of hydraulic valves using domestic 1214 steel as valve core, more than 60% of the products have oil leakage after being used for about 6 times. In the last week, 72 complaint calls have been received, and even more direct requests for return of goods have been made. The headquarter requested him to give solutions within half a month. Fernado, however, was confused and at a loss.
In order to find out the cause of the oil leakage, Fernado immediately transferred nearly 50 products from the warehouse for parameter testing, and finally found that there was indeed a widespread oil leakage phenomenon. He learned that although 1214 steel made in China is an easy cutting material, due to the brittleness of the material, the slight deformation caused by careless heat treatment to the valve core, can not be found and picked out. In order to save costs, many manufacturers do not do any inspection and directly assemble and use, which leads to the problems in the use of the products.
Occasionally, he saw our company's information on the Internet, and contacted us with the mentality of trying. After listening to his intention, we picked some products by using 40Cr material as the valve core, and conducted pressure test for many times on the spot. There was no oil leakage phenomenon at all. Fernado's face is full of heavy relief when he saw the parameter list. Fernado took a video on the spot, wrote a comparison report, and sent an email to the headquarters. On the third day, we received a small trial order from him, mainly to replace the stocks with problems.
All the hydraulic valves produced by AAK use 40Cr as the main raw material of valve core, which is pressure resistant, wear-resistant and not easy to deform. At the same time, after heat treatment, the surface toughness is better and the fatigue resistance is stronger. Although the material price and cost is higher than 1214 steel, it can completely solve the problem of oil leakage, this is what many manufacturers lack.
After the oil spill problem was solved, Fernado gained the absolute trust of the headquarters, so he was promoted to be the main procurement leader in China. At the same time, the volume he purchased from our company has also increased year by year. We have cooperated with him for three years, and the average annual purchase is stable at about 1.2 million euro.
AAK hydraulic valve uses 40Cr steel as the raw material for the valve core, which never leak, this is absolutely different from other manufacturers.